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As an employer, you would like to motivate your employees by awarding them a bonus. Super!

However, the problem is that more than 50% of the cash bonus evaporates because of the high tax rates for the employee!

In order to prevent this, the legislator created three ways to optimise the cash bonus fiscally: the wage bonus, profit bonus and warrants. 

Not knowing which to choose? Use the free Payflip tool below to find out what kind of bonus policy is written on your company’s body. 

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Does your social secretariat also charge an hour’s bill to introduce a profit bonus or wage bonus for your employees? 

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Profit bonus

With a profit bonus, companies can allow their employees to share in the profits in a tax-friendly manner. This bonus payment is either a fixed amount or a percentage of the gross salary. A profit bonus must be granted to all employees of a company. 

Why is this bonus optimisation so interesting? For the employee, the profit bonus is only subject to a social security contribution of 13.07% and a withholding tax of barely 7%. The employer does not owe any social security contribution on this bonus, but cannot deduct it from corporate income tax. 

Wage bonus

The wage bonus is a bonus linked by an employer to the results of the company (e.g. turnover) or a group of employees, and must therefore be paid to all employees (of that group).

Why is this bonus optimisation so interesting? Up to a gross amount of €3,413, the employee does not have to pay any (!) income tax on this. The employer and the employee do pay a social security contribution of 33% and 13.07%.

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Warrants are stock options listed on the stock exchange. A company buys warrants from a bank and grants them free of charge to its employees.

The benefits of this bonus? Warrants are not subject to social security contributions. However, for tax purposes, they are treated in the same way as a cash bonus: the tax is calculated on the value of the warrants at the ordinary, high rates.

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