Cafeteria plan tailored to SMEs

Our tool helps you to easily introduce a cafeteria plan into your SME’s wage policy. Without extra wage costs. With an eye for legal certainty.

A tool made for SMEs. By an SME. 

Thanks to the Payflip cafeteria plan tool, your wage policy can compete with those of multinationals. Give your employees the freedom to put together their own ideal wage package. Without expensive consultancy fees. With a digital assistant.

With Payflip, employers can…

...choose the budget that your employees can spend in the cafeteria plan.

Should the budget consist of the end-of-year bonus, a percentage of the gross salary, or the cash bonus? Use the Payflip tool to choose which budget provides the greatest benefit for your employees. Fully digital. Convenient! the benefits from which your employees can choose

As part of a cafeteria plan, you can give your employees the choice between many benefits. Payflip helps you to see the wood for the trees. Give your employees the opportunity to get compensated with benefits tailored to their size!

...automatically draw up legal documents

Payflip takes care of the legally correct handling of the cafeteria plan. We draw up a policy for you that lays down the rules of the cafeteria plan in your company. In addition, the Payflip tool also takes care of the electronic signing of an annex to the employment contract each time an employee makes a choice of benefit. 

...automatically report to your social secretariat

Payflip automatically communicates and reports all choices to your social secretariat at the end of each month. In this way, all your personnel data are up to date and ready to be processed on the payslip.

What is a cafeteria plan exactly?

A cafeteria plan in a company allows employees to fill in parts of their own wages flexibly. The possibilities are extensive: the end-of-year bonus, cash bonus and holidays can be exchanged for other benefits tailored to the needs of each employee.

With Payflip, employees can…

...put together part of their own salary package

Employees can choose how they want to be paid, within the limits set by the employer: more or less holidays, supplementary insurance for family members, warrants, etc…. In addition, the benefits in a cafeteria plan can also be fiscally more advantageous than if the budget were paid out in cash.

...immediately see the impact on their wallets

With the Payflip tool, employees immediately see the impact of a choice in the cafeteria plan on their gross salary, net salary and social rights. This allows them to make their own well-considered decision. 

...digitally sign the attachments to the employment contract

With the Payflip tool, employees can easily digitally sign the new attachments to the employment contract. 100% legally conclusive.

Our prices

Always know exactly what you’re paying. No surprises. 


For SMEs who want to start 
with a cafeteria plan.

€79VAT excl.

Your personal consultant – All legal documents –
Employee tool – Employer tool

For SMEs who want to go all the way.
€149VAT excl.

Multiple budgets – All possible advantages


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