Head of Sales

Looking for a sales lead with SaaS experience 🚀

Payflip is growing faaaaaast, and is looking for that one sales genius to rule them all! An undeniable talent for closing deals and managing sales teams? We want you! 

About us

At Payflip, we're on a mission to revolutionise salary packages for employees digitally. We've been called the 'Spotify for salaries', because we believe salaries are more than just numbers. Salaries should be personalized and on-demand.

As a fast-growing startup, we're a passionate team of software engineers, product specialists, business developers, and customer success managers.

Becoming part of the Payflip team means that you join a close-knit team where you will take up solid responsibilities. A Payflip'er smells the opportunity of ownership from miles away!

About your role

We're looking for a Sales Lead to be the driving force behind Payflip's growth in the Belgian market. As Sales Lead, you'll be at the forefront of building a high-performing sales team at Payflip.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment: You recruit new members for the Payflip sales team.

  • Strategy: Together with the CEO, you work out go-to-market strategies and launch new up-selling & cross-selling campaigns;

  • Coaching: You coach new & existing members of the Payflip sales team and assist team members to achieve their sales targets.

  • Target setting: You set up sales targets for the team together with the CEO. You track both individual and team performance.

  • Team development: Build a scalable sales organisation together with the CEO, COO and the marketing team.

  • Individual sales: You reach your own individual sales targets.

  • Process optimisation: You continuously evaluate and refine our sales processes and prepare them for scaling.

Next to the strategic and result-driven part of the role, you will not hold back to be the face of the company on a wide range of HR events organised on the Belgian territory. Together with Payflip’s CEO, you are determined to tell our story to thousands of Belgian employers craving to go the extra mile when it comes to salaries.

About you

We are looking for an experienced sales professional. Working out scalable sales strategies is part of your DNA and an ecstatic “sales high” is no stranger to you.

You would be a good fit with our team if most of this sounds like you:

  • Passionate: You're passionate about sales and about taking a blossoming scale up to the next level. You're excited to be the face of Payflip for the Dutch-speaking market in Belgium.

  • Target-driven: You thrive under targets and see them as opportunities to excel.

  • Leadership: You have a track record of successfully leading and motivating sales teams to achieve and exceed targets.

  • Communication: You have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills that help you build report, both with your team members and with prospects.

  • Language: You're fluent in Dutch and English, with French being a strong plus.

What do we offer you? 

Wij vinden het niet meer dan logisch dat we onze missie op elk moment trouw blijven. Daarom bieden we jou het meest geoptimaliseerde salarispakket in de hele Belgische SME markt.

What you'll get 👇🏻

  • Competitive cash salary

  • Meaningful equity

  • Top-notch flexible reward plan

  • Alan healthcare package

  • Monizze meal vouchers

  • Remote work as much as you prefer

  • Home office compensation

  • Optimised bonus schemes

  • ...

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Do you sense a match? Then contact us soon for a quick chat or at 0495 90 52 89If we feel that click too, we'll dish up a case study for you to unleash your skills on. Good luck! (Then again, success forces itself, doesn't it?)