Flexible remuneration,
without additional cost and administration.

Through Payflip, employees get the most out of their compensation. Your team spends flexible budgets on personal benefits in a digital instant. Boost your salaries with Payflip!

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More than a cafeteria plan tool.

The mission of Payflip? Be able to effortlessly offer a wide range of budgets and benefits to your team throughout the year.

Whether it's an end-of-year bonus, mobility budget, bike lease, multimedia or retirement savings, our software integrations do the work for you!

Home benefits

No hourly billing, but maximum assistance.

Payflip takes both employees and HR teams by the hand digitally via chat. Whether it's legal, practical or payroll questions, we got your back!

This is how we guarantee a successful next step in your salary policy. Without hourly billing.

Discover the Payflip effect on Dataroots' HR policy


Who do we do it for?

Small SMEs

(< 50 FTE)

For smaller companies that want to shift up a HR step with a flexible compensation plan.

Medium-sized SMEs

(> 50 FTE)

For larger companies looking to boost their HR and payroll processes with a scalable solution.

Large companies

(> 150 FTE)

For the largest organizations branded on excellent employee experience, with customized efforts.

You work within HR?

Book a virtual chat and find out how we can better reward your employees!