Cafeteria plan,
more benefits at the same salary cost.

When it comes to motivational and flexible salary policies, the cafeteria plan is hot. Indulge your employees with an à la carte pay package. Without additional labor costs. With an eye for legal certainty.


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Following the principle of self-service in a cafeteria, employees can exchange part of their "traditional" pay package for other benefits that give them greater satisfaction, according to a plan drawn up by the employer.

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Payflip benefits

A win-win on all counts.

Salary power to the people! Your employees choose what is important to them, and it is tasted. Thus, freedom of choice is the biggest benefit for employees. But there is also the financial benefit that can result from the choices. If wages are exchanged for fringe benefits, these are often subject to reduced social security contributions and taxes.

But even as an employer, you won't walk into a financial blue when you want to give your employees that extra something. The cafeteria plan is a cost-neutral operation. More importantly, your flexible salary policy and choice of benefits clearly make a difference. It is an absolute boost to your employer branding.


What our customers say

Digital solution but personalized approach. Payflip guides you through the implementation and does this from A to Z. Also very flexible and responsive. Really a fine cooperation.

"Flexible compensation fits perfectly into a series of innovative tweaks we had already put in place to strengthen our hr policy. At Payflip, I immediately felt that they really want to make a difference. Their incredible drive and the fact that they are so transparent on pricing and process won me over to work with them."

Launching a cafeteria plan seemed very complex, but because of Payflip's expertise, efficiency and direct communication, it went off without a hitch.


Scoring points with the cafeteria plan? Here's how Cheqroom does it.

As a modern employer, tech scale-up Cheqroom wants to be on top of the game. Therefore, they let a new wind blow through the wage package. And guess what? Thanks to Payflip, they score rock-solid HR points.

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