Flexible remuneration,
an à la carte salary package.

The war for talent iis in full swing and human capital is crucial. But it comes with a price. Unpack with an optimized custom pay package and impress your team!

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Flexible remuneration?

Flexible compensation policies are one of the hottest HR trends of the moment. It takes into account your employees' interests and need for more control, as well as the company's ambitions.

You give your employees freedom, but also create a legal and workable framework in which they can put together (part of) their own pay package.

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Salary Guide 2023 from Payflip

One size doesn’t fit all. edge in the war for talent.

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What our customers say

Launching a cafeteria plan seemed very complex, but because of Payflip's expertise, efficiency and direct communication, it went off without a hitch.

Digital solution but personalized approach. Payflip guides you through the implementation and does this from A to Z. Also very flexible and responsive. Really a fine cooperation.

Wonderful guidance, nice partners. Super clear tool!

"Flexible compensation fits perfectly into a series of innovative tweaks we had already put in place to strengthen our hr policy. At Payflip, I immediately felt that they really want to make a difference. Their incredible drive and the fact that they are so transparent on pricing and process won me over to work with them."

A win-win in all areas

Blame it on Netflix or Spotify, but workers increasingly want to be paid on demand. The freedom to be able to choose benefits for yourself is therefore entirely in keeping with the spirit of the times.

As an employer, you show your commitment to your team without an increase in salary costs. In addition, you also prove that you're cutting-edge. A boost to your employer branding to be stronger in the war for talent.

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Maximum engagement, minimal cost and administration.

Payflip is the logical next step in your compensation and benefits policy. An upgrade for your employees and HR organization.

  • 100% digital
  • lightning fast support
  • more than a cafeteria plan tool
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This is how E-BO Enterprises does it!

With an ambitious IT company like e-Bo Enterprises comes ambitious HR solutions. To launch a digital and flexible compensation package for all its employees, the HR team turned to the Payflip platform. With success, as Payflip swept through the company like a wave.

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