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Payflip 115
Payflip's first round table event: a salary policy that makes sense ✨

On March 28 we invited some of our HR partners to our first exclusive round table event, and what a success it was! We got a lot of input and…

Fietsen mobiliteit
Flexible mobility for your employees thanks to the mobility budget

In the era of "workplace 2.0," the demand for flexible mobility solutions is increasing. The mobility budget has emerged as an innovative way for…

Flexibel verlonen
What are wellbeing benefits and why are they an essential part of a modern HR policy?

Wellbeing benefits play a crucial role in any modern HR policy. Healthcare, sports facilities, even meditation apps: all support job happiness in…

Cash bonus
Give your employees a boost with finance benefits

Finance benefits are fringe financial benefits that employers offer on top of regular salary ("bonus"). These benefits can range from stock options…

Put a strategy behind your set of fringe benefits

With fringe benefits - working from home, a company car, good hospitalization insurance... - can help you attract and retain talent. But also make…

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Flexibel verlonen
Online platform hr
5 benefits of an online benefit platform

Go digital or go home. This mindset is slowly becoming ingrained in everyone. Although HR services were a bit behind for a long time, they are now…

Teambuilding belgique
How to recruit, retain and attract talent in 2024

In a rapidly changing job market, it is essential for organizations to adopt progressive strategies for recruiting, retaining and attracting talent.…

Modern office
What is and how important is a workplace 2.0?

Our work encompasses a large part of our lives. Therefore, it is important that we feel good about it. With "workplace 2.0," organizations are…

Flexibel verlonen
Si wfh remote work policy feature
Flexible work benefits: from extra vacation to working from home ☀️

Flexible work benefits have become an indispensable part of your compensation package. Just think about extra vacation days, the possibility of…

Flexibel verlonen
Payflip work from home
The 5 types of fringe benefits in Belgium

In today's fast-moving professional world, fringe benefits are much more than some attractive perks. They are a crucial strategic asset for…

Shutterstock 524794168
Happy 5th anniversary, mortgage.... er... mobility budget!

On March 1, the mobility budget celebrates its fifth birthday. Hurray!