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Under the motto "to stand still is to go backwards," we are always looking for bold team members who want to grow with us. Do you also believe that salaries are not just numbers? Let's hear from you!

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Values we would go bankrupt for.


From colleagues' salary packages to founders' evaluations or messages in Slack, we are clear and transparent. We throw everything on the table and challenge you to find one Google Drive that is not accessible to everyone.


Never settle for less. Payflip is the holy grail when it comes to salaries. We are the best in our field and our motivation is still growing every day. All of our people are go-getters. Let’s disrupt the payroll sector!


Every pair of shoulders counts. A Payflip'er gets out of his or her comfort zone and takes on responsibilities. If we see that sense of enterprise, we reward with shares of the company. Fair deal.

We’re hiring heroes!

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Account executive
  • Full-time

Looking for a passionate account executive!

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Growth marketeer
  • Full-time

Looking for a passionate marketeer to boost our growth! 🚀

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Software engineers

Looking for software engineers with 2 years of experience (or equivalent 😉). Ideally, you have experience in both frontend and backend development, but if not, your willingness to learn wins!

Life is for the bold!

Wanna meet us?

Screening interview

The first impression is everything. So we take our time with that. One hour we block off in our calendar to get to know each other better. No one-way traffic!

Technical interview

This one is one with one-way traffic, though! You bend over a challenging case and convince us of your ability. Bring it on! 

In-depth interview

Although we organize our operations primarily horizontally, we go deep here. We dig until we are 100% sure: it’s a match!

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What your future colleagues say

The transparency is unseen! The mere fact that I can see and read all evaluations - including those of my colleagues - shows that Payflip really trusts me as an employee. So no vague catchy company values at Payflip, but a rock-solid transparent corporate culture. Like!

Even before I officially started at Payflip, I was invited to the Monthly Gathering. An evening for the whole team, put together by two colleagues. For example, I went bowling and eating hip pittas with them in Brussels even before I was part of the team. By the way, my first day started with breakfast at the office with all the colleagues. A kick start!

Payflip is a crack at onboarding new employees. Upon logging in on the first day, I immediately saw a clear dashboard in Notion with a list of tasks for the first six (!) weeks and a host of practical tools. The structure and grip I needed to be able to focus right away.