Mobility Budget,
the alternative to the company car.

The company car has long since ceased to be the showpiece of the pay package. Give your employees the freedom to choose their own mobility options. Without legal or tax headaches.

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Mobility budget, mobility allowance or mobility plan?

The mobility budget is a tax newcomer since 2019 and aims to encourage the choice of environmentally friendly mobility within a company.

Employees and employers who opt for the mobility budget can spend the entire budget that would normally be spent by the employer on a company car on tax and environmentally friendly alternatives.

For you as an employer, the introduction of the mobility budget is a budget-neutral operation. And most importantly, a boost to your pay packet.

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Download the e-book on mobility budget

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Three pillars of sustainable mobility

Environmentally friendly commercial vehicle

Employees can spend their budget on an electric car or an environmentally friendly car that meets certain standards. The budget that remains can be spent by the employee in pillar two or three.

Because many employers are already greening their fleets, in practice this is the option least chosen.

Sustainable modes of transportation

The employee chooses a variety of sustainable means of transportation, such as an electric bicycle, public transportation or, for example, a shared car.

Employees who live within 10 km of their workplace or work from home more than half the time can also finance their rent or mortgage loan with the mobility budget.


If the mobility budget is not spent (in full) within the first two pillars, the employee can receive the remaining amount in cash.

However, that amount is reduced by an employee contribution of 38.07%. That contribution accrues social rights, with the exception of the right to annual leave.

Our mobility partners

O2 O


With this leasing, hr experience a ride without worry. Cycling is freedom, so commit this partner to as little administrative hassle as possible.



Cyclis is the bicycle leasing partner for companies and employees looking for flexible remuneration options.

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A bike plan for every business, big and small, that's what Lease-A-Bike is for! Fully integrated with the Payflip to offer a service tailored to your business and workflow.



By offering low-cost charging infrastructure, this partner creates a relationship in which the customer is completely unburdened.



This partner combines bicycle leasing with their own mobile service department. With their shops in Kluisbergen, Ghent, Roeselare & Aalst, they can guarantee both quality and a fast and uniform service to their customers.

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Cycle Valley

Together with its customers, Cycle Valley searches for the right solution and guarantees carefree riding pleasure.

Kbc Autolease

KBC Autolease

With this partner, you choose your ideal bike of a selected brand for a period of 36 months from our carefully selected network of professional bike dealers.



Cheaper second-hand leasing, what's not to like? Our partner Lizy is your reference platform for instantly available car leasing.

Con Xio N
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Give employees extra motivation? This is how ConXion does it.

ICT service provider ConXion has long been committed to sustainability and movement. Therefore, enriching the salary package in a flexible manner fits perfectly with the vision of the dynamic company. Thanks to Payflip, the company got in touch with O2O and the rollout of bike leasing went on wheels.

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