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Put a strategy behind your set of fringe benefits

With fringe benefits - working from home, a company car, good hospitalization insurance... - can help you attract and retain talent. But also make…

Kan mijn individueel pensioensparen terugbetaald worden in het cafetariaplan
Can my individual retirement savings be reimbursed in the cafeteria plan?

Absolutely! The premiums deposited in the context of individual pension savings can be (partially) reimbursed via the cafeteria plan. So a nice…

Voordelen in cafetariaplan
Welke voordelen aan te bieden in het cafetariaplan?

Binnen een cafetariaplan kan je in principe een waaier aan voordelen aanbieden. Als KMO of zelfs grotere onderneming hou je het - in het eerste jaar…

Een cafetariaplan met de eindejaarspremie
A cafeteria plan with the end-of-year bonus

It's not a secret anymore: a cafeteria plan is a must! In this client case about the cafeteria plan, you will quickly find out why a cafeteria plan…

Wat is een ambulante kostenverzekering voor werknemers
What is an itinerant cost insurance for employees?

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the importance of health and well-being on the global map for companies. As we all work more and more from home, both…

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Een concreet voorbeeld van een goed cafetariaplan
A concrete example of a good cafeteria plan

Most HR managers have heard of a cafeteria plan? But what is the impact in practice for my employees? And what does it actually look like in…

Cafetariaplan een heel gedoe voor een kleine KMO 5
Cafeteria plan: a big hassle for a small SME?

Alternative remuneration, and specifically the cafeteria plan, is on the rise. In the corridors, it is even called the HR trend of the coming years.…

Hoe overtuig ik mijn manager van een cafetariaplan
How do I convince my manager of a cafeteria plan?

Cafeteria plans are the talk of the town, that much is certain. In the corridors, it is even being called the HR trend of the coming years. But how…

Paritaire comités en cafetariaplannen een match
Joint committees and cafeteria plans: a match?

The popularity of the cafeteria plan continues to grow at a rapid pace. The opportunity to finance bicycle lease in a tax-friendly manner with the…

De nadelen van een cafetariaplan
The disadvantages of a cafeteria plan

Every downside has its upside. Whereas in our previous blog post we extensively the benefits of the cafeteria plan discussed in our previous blog…

De voordelen van een cafetariaplan
The advantages of a cafeteria plan

We have already explained what a cafeteria plan is, how to create and spend a budget and what the regulations are regarding cafeteria plans. But…