21 March, 2022

What is an itinerant cost insurance for employees?

Wat is een ambulante kostenverzekering voor werknemers

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the importance of health and well-being on the global map for companies. As we all work more and more from home, both the physical and psychological health of employees is slowly taking centre stage in companies' HR policies.

The tax authorities and the NSSO have also understood for some time that this is important. Concretely, two types of health insurance are exempted from social security contributions and taxes: hospitalisation insurance and outpatient care insurance.

What is an outpatient expense insurance?

The content of an ambulant cost insurance varies greatly from provider to provider, but in general it covers general, day-to-day medical expenses that an employee (and possibly his family) incurs and that are not reimbursed by the mutual health insurance company. Typical examples are:

  • Medicines
  • Glasses or lenses
  • Psychological appointments
  • Support soles
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutritionist
  • ...

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Wat is een ambulante kostenverzekering voor werknemers 2

What does an outpatient expense insurance cover?

Each provider offers different covers and formulas. As an SME, it is best to pay attention:

  • Which franchise the insurer uses (and how high it is);
  • what percentage of the costs incurred are reimbursed by the insurer;
  • What are your employees' wishes: what exactly are they experiencing in terms of common medical costs?

With whom can I take out an outpatient expense insurance?

You can take out an ambulant cost insurance with a lot of parties like DKV, Ethias or AG Insurance.

A good option is to introduce itinerant cost insurance as part of a cafeteria plan. This allows your employees to choose the insurance themselves. The most popular health insurance in cafeteria plans are the digital health insurance of Alan and the FlexHealth insurance of Concordia.

At Payflip, we also offer Alan' s full digital itinerary insurance to our employees.

What is the fiscal impact of an outpatient cost insurance?

It is completely exempt from social security contributions and taxes. So this provides a nice financial extra for your employee.

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