30 October, 2023

Event Payflip 17/10 - the future of Belgian remuneration

Payflip Event 10

On October 17, we brought together our clients, partners and other Payflip believers for an evening full of inspiration. The attendees witnessed an opening speech by our COO Filip van Doninck, followed by an interesting debate between Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem, Managing Partner at Smartfin Jurgens Ingels, Dewi Van de Vyver & our very own Maura Nachtergaele. In this article you can find some pictures and the aftermovie, enjoy! ✨

It was a lively debate from which we got a lot of inspiration and are happy to share it with you:

  • A good salary is and remains important to attract top talent, but a clear career path and the chance to make an impact is equally important.
  • Employers need stable tax legislation. Lack of clarity in legislation (cfr. copyright) causes headaches for employers.
  • Flexible compensation is becoming a part of a strong company culture. The values you propagate as a company are translated into the salary package of employees.

It was clear that the debate provided a lot of inspiration and discussion material during the walking dinner and network moment that Opinions were exchanged, a few more interviews were conducted and future plans were forged. Our team returned home feeling enormously satisfied, even more motivated to work on the future of flexible salaries. 💜

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Some images during our epic event

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