Account executive

Looking for a passionate Account Executive 💪🏻

Payflip is growing raaaaazingly fast, and is looking for sales heroes! Do you also believe that wages are not just a matter of some numbers? Always wanted to boost the purchasing power of 11 million Belgians? An undeniable talent for closing deals? Then we want you!

About us

Payflip goes for a revolutionary and logical salary solution for employees. Flexible compensation as a successful next step in any salary policy. Sounds good, right?

Assume that each employee is in control of his or her salary. This leads not only to greater financial well-being, but also to better bonding with the company. We at Payflip are convinced of that. Wages may well be more than some numbers, right?

We are a young, fast-growing start-up. A merry gang of software developers, product specialists, account executives & customer success managers.

Joining the Payflip community is joining a tight-knit team within which you will take on clear responsibilities. Let's put it this way: a Payflipper smells any opportunity for ownership from miles away.

About your position

For our Belgian market, we are hiring a salesperson to play a crucial role in Payflip's growth story.

Not only will you set up inbound and outbound sales strategies (thus becoming coauthor of our famous "sales playbook"), you will also put them into practice and manage your meticulously generated leads from the top the deepest point of the sales funnel.

Besides the strategic and results-oriented part of the function, you do not shy away from becoming the face of the company within a wide range of hr events in Belgium. You are determined to take our story to thousands of Belgian employers who yearn to take that extra step when it comes to salaries.

About you

We are looking for an account executive for whom developing scalable sales strategies is in their blood. Ecstatic "sales highs" are no stranger to them.

You would complement our team if this seems like the right fit for you:

  • Passionate about sales, but not too "love stoned" to question and optimize current sales practices
  • +2 years of relevant commercial experience
  • Driven to represent Payflip as an ambassador in Belgium.
  • 'Targets don't kill me, they only make me stronger' (dixit Maura, co-founder of Payflip)
  • Initiator, pragmatic, and an undaunted go-getter. We have it in for people who learn from their mistakes and continue to work on themselves!
  • Fluent in French and English, Dutch is a plus!

What do we offer you?

We feel it is only natural to remain true to our mission at all times. That's why we offer you the most optimized salary package in the entire Belgian SME market.

You will receive from us

  • a competitive salary
  • stock options
  • the best possible flexible compensation plan
  • the Alan health care package
  • Monizze meal vouchers
  • A mobility budget or car
  • The ability to work remotely as much as you like
  • compensation for home work
  • an optimized bonus scheme

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Where can I sign?

Do you sense a match? Then contact us soon for a quick chat or at 0495 90 52 89If we feel that click too, we'll dish up a case study for you to unleash your skills on. Good luck! (Then again, success forces itself, doesn't it?)