04 January, 2022

Mobility budget and conditions for the employee

Mobiliteitsbudget en de voorwaarden voor de werknemer 1

With a mobility budget, you can finally offer your employees a good alternative to the company car. You can read exactly what the mobility budget entails here: what is the mobility budget? Find out if you are eligible for the introduction of the mobility budget.

For both the employer and the employee, there are entry conditions to the mobility budget. In this blog, you can read about the conditions for an employee to introduce a mobility budget.

Conditions for employees to join?

As an employee, you can only join the mobility budget if you have (the right to) a company car. This was different in the first version of the mobility budget (applicable until 31/12/2021). In the first version, an employee had to have had a company car (or the right to a company car) for 12 months before being able to join the mobility budget.

Employees who are not eligible for a company car cannot participate in the mobility budget.

It is therefore very important in practice to determine objectively in the car policy (as part of a mobility policy) who is eligible for a company car. An objective distinction can be made on the basis of functions, seniority, salary scale, training, etc. This also prevents endless discussions during recruitment interviews!

Curious about the conditions for employers to introduce the mobility budget? You can read it in our blog about the conditions for employers to introduce a mobility budget.