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On how the Payflip tool works and what added value Payflip brings within your payroll package.

As an employer, what can you use the Payflip tool for?

Payflip is a tool for managing the flexible remuneration plan within a company. The tool is both a way to communicate about the flexible remuneration plan to employees and to manage the flex benefit plan on the HR side.

The employee has access to a webshop environment for benefits in which the selected budgets can be used to purchase fringe benefits, sign documents and simulate tax benefits of the flex income plan.

On the employer's side, the HR admin can fully manage the ins and outs surrounding the flexible remuneration plan. In the Payflip tool, the HR team can add the selected budgets, open benefits, charge employees data, manage communication with the social secretariat about the flex income plan and approve or reject choices made by employees.

As an employee, what can you use the Payflip tool for?

Payflip for the employee is a kind of "benefit e-shop" in which flexible budgets can be used to purchase fringe benefits, sign documents and simulate flex income plan tax benefits.

In the tool, an employee can purchase benefits himself through integrated partners such as Coolblue or bicycle leasing companies and have a good overview of the budgets available to him or her in the flex income plan.

What budgets can you flexibilise in the tool

A flexible remuneration plan is a salary package where employees can choose from different benefits that fit their personal situation. It is important to determine the budget for the flexible remuneration plan before the plan is implemented.

To determine the budget, you must take into account various factors, such as the current existing salary package and the joint committee in which your company is located. Different existing budgets can be used in the flexible remuneration plan. This includes the current cost of the car, end-of-year bonus (depending on the joint committee), existing individual bonuses such as sales commissions, or a percentage of the employee's salary.

Some companies also start their flexible remuneration plan with a newly created budget, such as a specific training budget, smartphone budget, or an individual bonus created specifically to make it more flexible. This is often the case in joint committees where the end-of-year bonus cannot be made more flexible.

When starting a flexible remuneration plan with Payflip, you will receive the necessary guidance to make the right choices tailored to your company and needs.

Which benefits can you choose in the payflip tool?

Benefits overview

Flexible work benefits

Extra vacation days

In a cafeteria plan, an employee can purchase additional vacation days. These are ** extra-legal holidays 🏖 ** These are days you get ** on top ** the statutory number of days of annual vacation.

When an employee takes unpaid leave, these days do not count as days worked. The extra holidays that are purchased via your flex reward plan have no negative impact on the number of days actually worked.


In a cafeteria plan, an employer can offer the Multimedia advantage. This allows an employee to purchase devices that can be used for work and private use with the budgets in his flexible remuneration plan.

The type of devices that can be selected are the following:

  • Smartphones
  • Smarphone accessories
  • Laptops
  • Laptop accessories
  • Tablets
  • Tablet accessories

During the depreciation period, the employee remains the owner of the device and is made available to the employee against the charging of an advantage of all kinds on the payslip. After the depreciation period, the employee has the option to purchase the device for the residual value.

Individual pension savings

There are 3 'pillars' of pension savings:

  1. Your statutory pension. You build this up by paying social security contributions on your wages.
  2. Your collective supplementary pension. This is the so-called 'group insurance' that you often receive from your company.
  3. Your individual pension savings. This usually happens through your bank or insurance broker.

The repayment of the pension savings premiums in the flexible remuneration plan is about this third pillar: individual pension savings through your bank or insurance broker.

For 2021, the maximum amount of premiums for this type of pension savings was ** 990 euros or 1,270 euros**. Your contributions to individual pension savings can have an employee repay with a budget in your flexible remuneration plan.

Cash benefits


A warrant is a financial instrument that gives the right to purchase shares at a predetermined price and time. It is often used in pay packages as a way to reward and motivate employees.

Warrants can be part of the cafeteria plan benefits package because this is a very advantageous system for paying out individual bonuses.


In a flex income plan, an employee can always choose to have the budgets paid out under the same conditions as the budgets are normally paid out if they are not flexible.

To illustrate this, an employee can always choose to have an end-of-year bonus paid as usual.

Mobility benefits


In a flexible remuneration plan, the car can be added as an advantage in two ways.

  • An employee who is not entitled to a car in the salary package can be offered a car in the flex income plan. In most cases, the car is then paid for with a piece of the gross salary
  • An employee who is entitled to a car in the salary package but wants to obtain a car with a higher cost than the car that is offered can, if this is offered, use a budget for this in its flexible remuneration plan.


The bike can be chosen as an advantage in a flexible pay plan and is one of the most interesting benefits that can be offered in it. This is because of the combination of the fiscally very favorable regime attached to it, the larger amounts involved in leasing or buying a bicycle and the increasing popularity of cycling.

The condition for including a bicycle leasing in a flex income plan is that the employee regularly uses the purchased or leased bicycle for commuter traffic

Share mobility

Sub-mobility such as sub-vehicles ( Cambio, Poppy, ... ), shared bicycles and steps can be included in the flexible remuneration plan in the context of the statutory mobility budget, whereby the budget of the car to which an employee is entitled and cannot be chosen used for expenditure in different pillars within which the advantage of partial mobility fits.

Public Transport

Subscriptions and tickets for public transport can be included in the flexible remuneration plan in the context of the statutory mobility budget. The mobility budget is a budget in the flex income plan in which the budget of the car to which an employee is entitled and cannot be chosen can be used for expenditure in different pillars within which fits the public transport advantage.

Housing costs

Within the statutory mobility voucher, a choice can be made for the reimbursement of housing costs with the budget of an unselected car to which an employee is entitled in his salary package.

Housing costs include rent and mortgage payments and interest costs.

Wellbeing benefits

Health insurance

The health insurance or extension thereof ( eg for family members ) can be paid via the flexible remuneration plan. This provides greater flexibility in the salary package because the employee can decide to join a hospitalization insurer

Ambulatory cost insurance

If your hospitalization insurance has an offer to also insure ambulatory costs, this can also be included in the flexible remuneration package. This ambulatory cost insurance covers medical costs that are not covered by the health insurance and hospitalization insurance. This is therefore a very interesting advantage.

How does Payflip work with the Payroll provider?

Payflip takes care of all communication regarding the cafeteria plan to your payroll provider. Your payroll provider will be provided with a monthly summary of the choices made in the flex income plan so that the necessary adjustments can be made to the employee's payslips.

When the payment date of a certain budget arrives (e.g. at the end of December for the end-of-year premium), the payroll provider will also be sent the correct information in such a way that no errors are made on the payslips that have to be corrected later.

Your payroll provider does not charge you any extra costs for this communication from the Payflip platform.

Which suppliers does Payflip work with?

The Payflip tool works with every provider in the market for every benefit.

For certain benefits, there are even integrated suppliers. Working with an integrated supplier reduces the amount of work drastically. Since the employee can make the purchase directly through the supplier's webshop or platform, it removes the purchase, tracking, and delivery process from the HR team.

Payflip has integrated the following suppliers: Coolblue, o2o, Pluginvest, KBC Autolease, Cyclis, Cyclobility, Lease-A-Bike,...

What is the pricing of the Payflip tool?

The Payflip pricing is divided into 2 parts:

  • Price per company (group): This price includes all costs for setup, maintenance, support, and annual consultancy we organize regarding your flexible remuneration plan.
  • Price per employee: This price covers the value provided on the employee side. This includes access to the employee tool, API calls with integrated partners, and the chat function that employees can use to get support on tool and legal matters.

The price depends on the size of the company. You can calculate it for your company here

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