05 April, 2024

Flexible work benefits: from extra vacation to working from home ☀️

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That the job market looked different 30 years ago does not surprise anyone. That we are also experiencing a firm shift in the last 5 years is only slowly maturing. Meanwhile, flexible work benefits have stealthily become indispensable. These benefits, ranging from extra vacation days to expanded home-working opportunities, are not only attractive to employees, but also contribute to a more productive and satisfied work environment. Let's take a closer look at this category of fringe benefits and their impact on both employees and employers.

Extra vacation days: more than just "extra" time off

Offering additional vacation days, on top of legal vacation days, is a powerful way to value employees. This offer can take several forms, ranging from ADV days, "cafeteria plan days" or a "no holiday policy," where employees decide when and how much vacation to take. This approach emphasizes trust and autonomy, which can lead to increased employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Working from home: flexibility as standard

The shift to working from home is one of the most significant changes in the modern workplace "post-covid." It offers employees the freedom to better balance their work and personal lives, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction. Organizations that offer work-from-home opportunities can also count on cost savings and a broader talent pool through international recruitment.

The challenges and opportunities of remote work

While working from home offers many benefits, it also brings challenges such as maintaining effective engagement and preventing isolation. Organizations need to invest in the right tools and policies to address these challenges.

gen to engage. This can range from providing high-end IT equipment to hosting regular social events and encouraging asynchronous communication (we love Slack 🫶).

New way of working est arrivé!

Flexible Work Benefits are no longer a luxury, but a necessity in the battle for talent. By using these benefits strategically, organizations can create an attractive, modern work environment that benefits both employees and the company. Be sure to read our employee Laura's testimonial around Payflip's own flexible work culture here.

Time to act

Want to learn more about how flexible work benefits can be effectively implemented in the organization? Contact our team for crystal-clear advice and discover how our solutions can help you create a flexible, modern workplace that attracts and retains talent. Let's work together to build a workplace ready for the future.

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